The Hillyer Team, Connecticuts Leader in Luxury Property Sales from Stonington to Guilford

I see problems in the marketing of luxury properties in our area. Sellers often come to me when prior marketing efforts failed to sell their home. Over 80% of my recent sales were other agencies’ expired listings. I relisted and sold almost all of them, and in considerably shorter time than the prior expired listing period.      

I have a different approach to selling real estate. Some agents start with stock, standard solutions”, but a successful sale begins with identifying and correcting a propertys marketing problems.

I help my sellers get their home market ready”. When buyers see your home online, we want them to think, This is it…This is the one” – driving buyer traffic to come see it.

Once your property is market ready, and because high-end buyers are considerably less than 1% of the buying pool, I employ sophisticated technologies rarely seen in our industry, that target, identify, and follow” luxury buyers with your property. Whether you think its intrusive or ingenious, it works.

Simply putting your home on various websites and hoping for the best, is not enough. 

In a sea of listings, these strategies, using paid featured video promotions of your home, elevate it to the top of luxury buyer home searches! 

If youre a seller, this is epic!

I also match these high-end buyers to their Facebook account, and showcase your property on their personal Facebook page! – with paid sponsored video.

One of the most critical decisions you will ever make as a seller in todays market is choosing to have a professional video production created for your property. 

A motion movie of your home not only is the only way to capture your propertys wow” moment, but properties with video receive 403% more inquiries than still photos and text alone. Yet less than 5% of agents use video!

You will find more information about my successful cutting-edge innovative selling strategies on (click the Selling Your Property Tab at the top of the home page on my website to see more). 

These systems have been a game changer” for my sellers, and have made me a CT luxury properties sales leader. 

I have an established record and use discretion and privacy when representing my valued clients.

However not all sellers are a match for my selling plan. Perhaps we could meet to discuss the value of my solutions as they relate to selling your home.

Kindest Regards,

Edward Hillyer  



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